Renewable Energy – With the continued increase in the prices of fossil-derived fuel MJ Approtech has developed different technologies that harness renewable energy sources.  Biomass, which is abundantly available for fuel is converted into various forms of fuel such as combustible gases for thermal and small-scale power applications.  Windpumps for domestic and village water supply as well as for crop irrigation are also developed by the Company to make pumping of water possible and easier, especially in off-grid areas. Solar thermal devices for crop drying using parabolic collector is one of the various technologies still on the nutshell

Agriculture -  Appropriate agricultural implements and equipment, which are not readily accessible locally are now available at MJ Approtech. These agriculturals equipment include small tillage equipment for rice production operations as well as simple post-harvest processing equipment for drying, milling, and storage.  These equipment are custom designed based on the specific requirement of the farmers and are made on job order basis.  These include power tiller, hydro-tiller, seeder,  axial flow thresher , rotary reaper, flat bed dryer, single-pass mobile rice mill, multi-pass stationary rice mill, and storage bins.   

Food  -  MJ Approtech embarked its technology development on low-cost and simple food processing equipment for effective and efficient operation.  This includes drying and dehydration equipment to produce good quality and competitively priced products such as dried fish and berries, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and many others.  A low cost vacuum fryer is also developed that can produce oil-free product.  Other appropriate technologies developed are food equipment for processing cassava into powder, grains into puff products, and flour into noodle and crackers

Bio-Environment - MJ has developed technologies to convert wastes which are basically cause environmental pollution into useful products as follows: as source of energy, as fertilizer in the form of compost, and other valuable products like boards and blocks which are good building materials.  Biogas digesters are build to tapped the gas as fuel for thermal and power application.  Technologies like the axial flow biomass shredder can reduce and loosen the particles of wastes which is the primary material for compost production.  The coconut decorticator can processed coconut husks into fibers and peat.  The compost pulverizers reduce the newly harvested compost into sizes prior to bagging.   Recently the biomass pelletizer can form biomass pellets from cocopeat dust.

Metallurgy – The MJ Approtech in collaboration with a Brazillian company has developed a mini-tech blast furnace for converting iron ore into ingots that are ready for processing of metals into various forms and alloys