Bonny Z. Minang


Board of Director of Minang Jordanindo Group


Being successful in the challenging markets of an ever more globalized world is an increasingly demanding task. Networking, constructing links, and establishing partnerships on the international scene - these are the business capabilities required for 21st century competitiveness. We, at the Minang Jordanindo Group have been well aware of this perspective since our establishment in 2004. After restructuring and expansion of the group business, we began our dynamic path of growth and development at home and abroad. Today, we have every reason to be proud of Minang Jordanindo’s position, in a highly competitive environment, as a recognized, reliable and successful Group of companies.

The Minang Jordanindo Group consists of the sister company Trans Ocean Heavy Equipment (TOHECO), headquartered in Dubai (U.A.E), and a widespread network of subsidiaries and representative offices in Dominican Republic, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States of America. Within our extensive business network, we have been developing an expert familiarity with markets and building personal partnerships which help us offer a high degree of added value to our business partners. In future, we plan to extend this vision by further strengthening and expanding our network beyond our own border.

Although business is becoming increasingly internationalized, several areas of our operations have been designated as strategic. These are ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and metallurgical products including iron-ore mining, pig iron plant, scraps procurement, plantation & charcoal production, reconditioning of used heavy machineries, engineering, transportation, properties developer, food industry and general trading.

The enormous opportunities and a positive economy climate of Indonesia  offers a wealth of opportunities to the Group, of which we are making full use. We thus view our future business prospects with optimism. While we do not underestimate the business challenges involved or the competition we are up against, we remain confident that we have the motivation, the knowledge, and the commitment required to achieve our goals.

Our experience is drawn from the rich tradition of our environment, and we are motivated by our current successes as well as inspired by our ambitious vision for the future. How could it be otherwise? Our business philosophy are built on our professionalism, capable, honest and conscientious associates at home and abroad, on teamwork, and on quality relations towards all partners.Type your paragraph here.

Over the years, we constantly focus in the trading of used and reconditioned of Earth Moving Heavy Machineries. Following our strategy of "Business Globalization”, we have been, over the past decade, successfully accomplishing a remarkable and inspiring achievement in developing the international market while sustaining domestic business growth.

We have been recognized as a competitive international business entity in the trading of heavy equipments with its distinctive state-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as being supported by the most dedicated team of professionals and well-trained engineers and technicians. We are progressively continuing to optimise business prospects drawing heavily on diversifying strategic approach toward a more lucrative and clearly discernible business opportunities.

Indonesia as a country with huge potential deposit of natural resources, market and most essentially increased political stability, thus, becoming an attractive nation state with its enormous opportunities and a conducive climate for our integrated business expansion purposes. The prospect of the Indonesian economy in the past remained a subject of conjecture but thanks to the Government’s current Investment Policy Reform Initiative in promoting a stable, predictable and attractive business environment that will encourage and substantially support private economic activity.


PT Minang Jordanindo is a partner of ChTZ Uraltrac, a giant company from Russia that manufactures heavy equipment, such as tractors and tanks during World War II. They work together to set up factories in East Kalimantan, and also include cooperation in technology transfer. The memorandum of understanding on the cooperation was signed by the presidents of both countries, namely Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from Indonesia and Vladimir Putin from Russia in October 2007.


Mr.  Azzam M. Abdallah


The Group’s principal activities are Earth Moving Machineries, Pig Iron Industry, Iron Ore Mining, Energy Plantation, Charcoal Production, General Trading, Scraps Procurement, Transportation, Engineering, Properties Developer and Food Industry. Over 30 years of experience in trading of used and reconditioned of Heavy Earth Moving Machineries such as Bulldozers, Cranes, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Fork Lifts, Pavers, Graders, Rollers, Drilling Machines, and Off Highway Road Trucks.  

We have successfully maintained to response the market’s demand predominantly in the UAE, the neighboring GCC countries, Asian countries mainly in Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Taiwan etc. and to the worldwide market in general​​

Having already repositioned in the country with a stronger focus on niche business under the flag of Minang Jordanindo Group, we systematically raise the profile of our group line of businesses into various business sectors among others : General Trading, Pig-Iron Industry, Mining, Plantation, Transportation, Engineering, Property and Food Industry.

By an effective combination of modern enterprise value concepts of "Safety, Performance, Innovation, and Harmony" with our outstanding culture of "Working Hard and being Scientific and Practical", we will persistently pursue our strategies to further improve its competitive strengths and continuously expanding its worldwide business.

We sincerely hope that, with joint effort, cooperation and support within our group, the holding company's highly promising potentials are at last fully realised. Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.