The current consumption of steel in Indonesia is about 5 – 6 Million ton per year, and is projected to increase significantly in the coming years. Part of those demands is supplied by the existing local steel manufactures, and the remaining are imported

Indonesia also possesses huge deposits of iron ore consisting of 3 major types of ore :

            - Primary Iron Ore                 : 1,1 Billion Ton

            - Laterite Iron Ore                 : 1,5 Billion Ton       

            - Iron Sand Ore                     : 0,5 Billion Ton

Among those potential resources, only few have been already developed

PT. Minang Jordanindo (MJ) has set a long term planning to establish iron and steel industries by optimizing the available local raw materials, and selection of appropriate technology

Minang Jordanindo initial plan is to establish Pig Iron Plant with annual production capacity of 75,000 ton in Cilegon heavy industrial complex, West Java, about 100 km from Jakarta, the capital city

Pig iron is raw material for steel making as well as foundry industries.  Current demand for Pig Iron is about 500,000 – 750,000 ton per year

The adopted technology for the plant, Mini Blast Furnace, requires wood charcoal as fuel and also functions as a reducing agent during the Pig Iron making process. MJ has already started to construct the charcoal production in Belitung Island

Iron ore mining will be explored in Belitung island and Central Kalimantan (Kota Waringin Timur)